Tuesday, 21 August 2012

VW Camper Van

I took this photo about a year ago. Every time I see this pic I wish I had one! Not only are they ultra cool but they are a classic through and through! This picture was taken at a car show that I happened to see when I was at a gala. The care and attention that has been given to this gorgeous vehicle is amazing. Everything was perfect. The original paint job was fantastic! The contrast of green and white made it look even more awesome! The inside was also amazing! Every little detail was perfect. The interior was psychedelic and each area of space was utilised to maximum effect. I would love to have one just like this. The dream would be....to take my dogs and my camera on an adventure. Travel around the beauty that is GB. It would be awesome. I imagine and dream about having the freedom to wake up one day and say "I want to go to......" and just being able to do it! Totally awesome! Even my Mat might enjoy it. Cozy sleeps in the VW camper! Yes please! x

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Photography is a passion

Well, I have been doing photography for a number of years now. I have a DSLR camera. It was a relatively cheap camera compared to the amount of money you can spend on this type of equipment and I do appreciate the type of photos you can take with this type of technology. I am still learning! I enjoy the idea of taking photos to capture a moment, like most people. But I also see it as a documentation of an event..an emotion....a moment. We are always told that we can not do anything about the past.... the future is not yet here..we only have THIS moment. We all have moments in our life that we often wish we could retain forever. Sometimes we are thankful that moments do pass. But with photography it helps our own memory to recapture the emotions attached to that moment. Sometimes our memory can distort THAT moment. We recollect that moment with the influence of things that have happened since. I feel that a picture can help recapture the raw moment that has passed. I prefer to take pictures that are natural and not staged, but sometimes in order to get better you do have to 'stage' a moment in order to practise the skills needed for that 'perfect' picture.
I really enjoy portrait pictures. I find the human interaction with the lens amazing. I strive to capture the truth in a picture. I realise that this sounds very much like a typical thing someone would say but it is my truth to it. The face and eyes really can tell a story about the moment that person is in...even if they are aware a picture is being taken you can sometimes get your subject to be truthful. So far I have only achieved truth in my own self portraits. I do hope that as I continue, I will get better at 'finding the truth' in others. I would like to share some pictures that I have taken because I find it joyful..no matter what the 'truth' is shown.

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

My Bucket List

I have decided that I am going to create for myself a Bucket List. Now, I am hoping that I will have plenty of time to tick each one off my list before I pop off ha. I would never have thought to do this until recently I noticed that sometimes life can be a little dull...just because some of us go through our daily lives as predictable as ever. For those people that do not suffer from this and have exciting lives then I am chuffed for you and perhaps you could give me some tips ;-))
Anyway, I think that this list will not only spice up my life but hopefully develop my interests. Life is for living and the longer I go on, not living it fully is a waste of life so I am asking for others to help add to my bucket list. I will list some things that i have already thought of and I am sure you will have an opinion about some of them..perhaps? You might think they are boring or awesome who knows but I suppose because this is my bucket list, thats all good. You might then ask "why do you want others to make suggestions?" This is because I may have not thought of some awesome things to put down. You might have some outstanding ideas that I could do. I am really excited about this list. It makes me feel a bit excited about life again. I am going to put a holt to the brain numbing repetition and stress that comes with it, and live a little. So when people say "what have you been up to?" I can respond with something that I m excited about and proud of!
So to begin the list... these are some ideas I have so far
1. Go to a shooting range and fire an actual gun (safety first of course)
2. Write my own play (I have already begun writing this)
3. Have my play published
4. Write my own song with my guitar
5. Have one of my photographs published either on an official website or magazine or anything really
6. Stop smoking FOR EVER!
7. Go to New York
8. Have an original white tattoo
9. Stay at the Ritz, London
10. ...........
So please message me others that you think that would be fun and interesting..anything at all (just makes sure it is legal!)

I look forward to adding more to my list and more importantly DOING the things that are on my list ;-)
Love life

Sunday, 5 August 2012

My wishful Olympics!

Olympics on a Sunday afternoon in Great Britain

It is currently the afternoon here in Great Britain...Sunday afternoons are often times where we all snuggle up and watch a film and moan about the fact we have work tomorrow... but not today! I am too busy watching the tennis mixed doubles! I am also having the chance to embrace the thunder storm that is currently occurring. I love storms...many people do not like them but I love them. They are not always useful however (for example, trying to watch the Olympics through sat signal which is now lost). But I am rather enjoying this one.
I am really enjoying watching the Olympics. Every athlete has amazed me with their incredible dedication, skill and talent. We should all feel very proud of our athletes, from every country. I hope that the Olympics inspires many people to try out a new sport..or continue playing their chosen sport!

Friday, 3 August 2012

How to stop smoking successfully!

Does anyone have the answer to this? I doubt it unfortunately! I find myself on my 7th attempt at quitting smoking and the familiar feelings are steadily coming back! The feelings I had last time were as follows! Please note they are in no particular order:
1. Optimism, yes I can do this. Once I have stubbed out this cigarette it will be my last and as I look at the burning tobacco, I pledge that I no longer need these filthy things in my life.
2. First few hours pass. Yes look at me I am doing so well. I feel just like last time. Full of courage and respect for myself for doing this.
3. Feeling like I'm missing out on something. Look at all those smokers out there, enjoying their cigarette and enjoying the ignorance of what is to come. They are blocking out the torture of what could become of them. Ignorance is bliss.
4. Question myself and feel down. Why am I torturing myself? As I have heard many people say "you only live once". What is the point of living my life for longer if I am miserable. But of course the only reason I feel miserable is because the little nicotine monster inside my head is willing me to have a puff. Shall I? No! Shall I? No! And so on.
5. Misery. God I am so fed up. I disgust myself. I hate that I am feeling like this. The internal monologue of wanting and arguing to myself about smoking.
6. More misery. Why can't I be a happy non smoker? Even when it has been either two days or two months...everything is CRAP!
7. Hate. I hate myself for feeling like this. I have done plenty of reading on the effects of quitting and there is a reason why I am having all of these negative thoughts it is just the nicotine monster again, doing everything it can to make me have some. Trouble is I am tired of this now and I can't be bothered with feeling so crap so I may just give in........ I feel really down about myself. No vice for me. I don't drink alcohol....or smoke anymore...or do any drugs....or partake in anything weird... my life is so boring and I am fed up with it......
AND IT IS AT THIS MOMENT IN MY THOUGHT PROCESS... EVERY TIME... I go and buy my brand of smokes and light up. I feel gutted with myself/ashamed/lost and upset. But deep down I know that something has been satisfied. But it will not be satisfied for long...so I light up another one... and so on!
If anyone else is going through the same thing... I hope you do better than me or should I say better than my previous 6 attempts. Could this be lucky 7 for me? Who knows, because so far I have experienced all of 1-5 points mentioned above ha.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Macbeth Performance Cabot Tower, Bristol, ...Check out the high Viz fashion!

Macbeth.... and the rain did pour!

Well, the performance of Macbeth in an open air theatre was a great experience and I would definitely recommend going to see performances in the open space. No matter what the production is! The performance was set on Brandon Hill/ Cabot Tower in Bristol City. And what a perforce spot it was! I really enjoyed how the natural light of the outdoors contributed to the atmosphere of the play. Obviously, the atmosphere needed for  play varies but this was perfect for Macbeth. At one point, when the weird sisters are foretelling the fate of Macbeth, the heavens opened and the rain poured down onto he audience. It was amazing! Yes, I got very wet; but it felt personal to the character of Macbeth. He was also saturated from the rain and it felt like a slight metaphor for how he was feeling. Towards the end of the production the natural light had turn to darkness, the 6 theatre lights were just enough to light the characters on stage (while still contributing to the atmosphere required for the performance. I seriously do not know how they did not electrocute the performers because of the rain). The lighting was like a mirror image to the mental darkness experienced by Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. When it became evident that Lady macbeth was losing her mind, for example her famous speech "out dammed spot...who would have thought the old man would have so much blood in him", bats actually started to fly around the audience. It was an eerie and yet perfect accompaniment to the action taking place. The castle almost became alive with eerie creatures, while the inhabitants became destroyed by their actions within the very walls of the castle.

Anyway, I shall look forward to my next open aired performance, whatever that will be. I felt the experience was amazing and would recommend anyone to go...take your favourite packet of crisps to chow down on....don't forget your high viz mac... and go and enjoy!!